15 Things You Should Know about Fast and Furious 7

furious 7

Have you watched the Fast and Furious 7? Oh, come on! You haven’t watched it yet? Why are you missing the opportunity on that kind of movie? Mark your calendar now and reschedule your time because you are about to know why Fast and Furious is a must see! Well, it is not very obvious that this movie is such an EPIC! It is the movie that is worth paying. This is the movie that deserves a million of applause. Getting excited now? Wait! Don’t be too excited. First, you got to know the reasons why you should watch this one of a kind film. Let Fast and Furious 7 enter your world!

These are the 15 things that you must know about Fast and Furious 7. This will definitely turn your chair for this excellent master piece:

1. Paul Walker!

Is there a person in this world who doesn’t know Paul Walker? Definitely none! Even Paul died last November 2013, and the film still got an idea on how will they finish the movie. The Universal has forced to rebuild the story and delay the release of the movie. Paul Walker shot the half of the movie that is why the Universal ended on that decision. Of course, Paul fans feel bad about the incident but that is an accident. No one wants that to happen. Because of the unexpected incident, the editors of the movie face the challenge. Walker’s brothers serve as a double for him. There are lots of effects that were used, including the voice and visual effects (CGI).

2. It is EPIC!

Yes it is! The most thrilling car stunts, car crashes, car chasing and so much more. You will definitely want to have a single nap with those fascinating stunts. Control yourself, it can undeniably increase you heartbeat with every scenes that you might see. Do you want the best of the best? You are absolutely on the right track! Seat, watch and amaze. There is no dull moment on the movie and it is the most awaited film on that season.

3. “I am the Cavalry.”

No one can say that but Dwayne Johnson! Get ready for his stunning scenes that make you his fan even you are not before.

4. If you could only see “that scene” oh my!

Have you even seen a car came from the plane and fell from the sky? What? Why are you so shocked? Fast and furious 7 made it perfectly! All you can say is, “oh, that stunt!” it is definitely the best stunt so far. With those amazing cars that you wish you have one; you are on your way to the movie satisfaction that you’ve never felt before. Do you want to witness that epic stunt? Watch Fast and Furious 7! Best stunt plus best cinematography? This is the ultimate film that you must see.

5. Who is the evil villain that you know so far?

You probably want to meet Jason Statham. It is a hundred percent guarantee that you will hate him in this film. The best heroes will only come out through a best villain. He definitely deserves the character. You must witness how he drives his one of a kind sports car.

6. Boom! Boom! Boom! Are you getting more excited when you see explosions every where?

Eruptive places that will makes your entertainment habit even more exciting. Just control yourself when you are in a cinema theater because you might shout without control. Not kidding. This film spent a million of dollars just for you to become a hundred percent entertained!

7. Are you getting curious about their locations?

There is one word to describe it. Awesome! They across the UAE (United Arab Emirates) on Abu Dhabi. They also shot on Los Angeles after on finishing their shooting on UAE. You will see different location that will satisfy your hungry eyes. Every scene and locations are well planned as well as the camera angles to exert the most beautiful spot on the locations.

Abu Dhabi Furious 7

8. Oh that body!

Dwayne Johnson went through a 7 months of strict diet for the preparation of the movie. It is to emphasize his body structure for his role as Luke Hobbs. Ladies out there! Calm down. You will witness his effort if you watch the movie.

9. This is the longest Fast and Furious movie.

Unlike the previous films, the Fast and Furious 7 is with a video length of two hours and seventeen minutes. It is very worth-paying right?

10. The film was released in 3D in several parts of America, Russia and Asia.

If you are located in one of these sites included, better have an update to the malls and other silver screens nearby you! It is a wonderful time to witness it on 3D and experience it in high definition.

11. Every fight scene is extraordinary.

Not kidding. Do you really want an outstanding fight scene with an amazing moves and stunts? Hurry up! Fast and Furious will give it to you. Make this film an additional collection to your James Bond Films. Every hand moves and facial expressions are excellent. The actors portray their roles perfectly which make a great impact to the whole movie. The cast are well selected as well as the locations and the scripts. The whole movie is such a master piece and worth-watching.

12. All effects are well edited including the visual and sound effects.

The editors did a great job in terms of this matter. After you watched the film, you will definitely want to watch the behind the scenes!

13. Hobbs vs Deckard Shaw.

How Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) can know the address of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his friends to avenge his brother, Owen Shaw (the villain in Fast and Furious 6)? Fast & Furious 7 answered it. Deckard apparently went to the Hobbs’s office (Dwayne Johnson) and steal data. Hobbs does not let it go. He dueled furiously with Deckard in the building, triggered the building to explode and Hobbs was thrown out and hit a car.

14. Lykan HyperSport!

In a mission to bring Dom and friends to Abu Dhabi. The amazing scene started in one of the skyscrapers in the middle of the desert, when forcing Dom and Brian O’Conner driving a super luxury car named Lykan hypersport in red color. Dom and Brian prove that car can also fly by skipping two buildings.

lykan hypersport

15. Farewell to Paul Walker (See You Again).

Not the action scenes. But this film answers the question on our curiosity how Fast & Furious 7 finally say goodbye to the late Paul Walker. After we watched the face of Paul Walker in the previous franchise of Fast & Furious, and finally to honor him, in large screen appear the words “FOR PAUL.”

These are the reasons why you should watch Fast and Furious 7! Now are you getting excited to watch it on the big screen? This is the movie that you are waiting for! This is the movie that can make your day especial. Do you want the best entertainment experience in front of the big screen? This movie surely meets you beyond your satisfaction. This is the best present that you can give not just for yourself, but for the whole family! Make your entertainment habit be fulfilled. Watch Fast and Furious 7.

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