4 Reasons Why You Should Never Depend On SEO Anymore

1. SEO is almost dead? Why?

No one can successfully target and rank competitive keywords with only one or even ten articles. For example you create an article or more with the title:

* Best camera phones of 2015
* Best android smartphone for gaming
* Best smartphone for the money
* and so on

Best android smartphone for gaming (SEO results)

What did you find? All is big websites, and no new blog or website you’ll find there. Meaning? We should not talk about SEO anymore, because, if we talk about SEO, we should be able to target the keywords, and our website will appear on the first page of search results from Google, right? In fact, the reality does not like it, we can not target keywords and appear on the first page. So, the simple conclusion of this case is no SEO.

SEO is dead 2015

What is happening now is a big website to be getting bigger, and smaller websites will be drowned in millions of competition, this is like finding your website in a haystack. Or, it’s like a small shop compete with multinational corporations on a global scale. Our small shop simply could not win against Walmart. Our fried chicken restaurant could not win against KFC. Our Pizza shop could not win against Pizza Hut. This is also impossible for our online shop to compete with Amazon or Alibaba. What can we do? Unfortunately, the first page Google search only show 10 results, if it could show more than 10 (e.g. scroll down instead of next page), perhaps there is still hope our website will be found.

Then, what happens now is, many internet marketing experts are saying:

* Make a website in just one niche, for example niche about dog, football, smartphone, Iphone Apps, Android Apps, WP Theme, online businesses, offline businesses with small capital, and much more. The question is, whether there is no competition on those niche? Is if for example we create a website that discusses from a to z about dogs, our website will surely appear on the first page of Google search result?

SEO is very hard

They mean that we create a niche blog or website is that competition is not too much, and that we regarded as an expert by the search engine, that we are people who are experts in a field, and means our blog should appear on its search results. The bottom line is: Reduce the competition, focus on a keyword, be the expert in the field, the visitors are satisfied with our contents, getting high page views, and the result is SEO.

Any niche, any topic, any theme, already available on the internet. And on each theme / topic, there are already existing and authority websites. It is like in the real world, everything is there, and if we want to start a business, must be better than our competitors. That’s it, no other way. The key word is, be better than our competitors. Since it is very difficult and almost impossible to find a new niche or topic, and this is still uncertain, if for example we managed to find a new niche, then it will be a demand (market share).

Actually we are currently living in times that are very competitive. You will find Honda, Toyota, Ferrari, Mazda, VW, Ford, Hyundai in the automotive field. You will find Samsung, Apple, HTC, Microsoft on smartphones and technology fields. You will find Panasonic, Sharp, LG, Sony in the fields of electronics and household appliances. You’ll find Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Reddit, Twitter, in the field of search engine and internet. What does it mean? The world is very competitive, spur us all to be able to penetrate a limit within ourselves to find creativity and innovation. We are required to work harder and smart at this point. We have to have luck in life today. The trick? By being creative and innovative. To survive in this modern era, we should be able to win the competition and get into the heart of customers.

2. Backlink will not help much if the content of our website is not better than our competitors.

Yes, this is something that of course is very fair. The best on the search results at this time is because the content is more complete and better, not because the numbers of backlink. I strongly agree with the desired quality by Google, because then there would be no manipulation again, everything in Google search result is high quality only, and not fake results caused by the backlink.

If backlink is still a more dominant factor in determining the ranking of a website, then that will happen is manipulation. Because of what? Because backlinks can be searched, backlinks can be tricked in various ways, such as blog comments, guest blogging, exchange, buy review, dummy blog, and many other ways with more complex and complicated case. Google should be able to determine the results without backlink based, but based contents solely.

It would be nice, if the world of SEO does not know backlink. We’re just going to focus on creating content to deliver the best to our blog visitors, without any thought at all to search backlinks. If backlinks does not be a determining factor in ranking of a website, we’ll just focus on the website look, content, and customer satisfaction (visitors). Of course, this is the SEO world we want, no fake results, no cheating by manipulating backlink.

3. We must target keywords that has no competitors to be SEO?

That’s not called as SEO, it’s like avoiding competition and play safe by targeting long tail keywords hoping that there will be visitors coming from search engine. And it is happening at this time, to be able to live and survive in the world of SEO.

no competition keywords

SEO is something that is beyond our reach and control, this is something that can not be set, and can not be determined as we want. It’s like the economic world around us, we see many people come to a restaurant, while another restaurant was deserted, but located on the same street. SEO much like it, we have better content than ibtimes.com for example in a topic, but which appear on Google search is their site, and not ours. What will we do? Disappointed? Angry? Angry with whom? Google? We also often find things like that in real life; there is a restaurant that is cheap and tasty, the portion of each menu is quite large and makes us full, but people prefer to buy food at other restaurants, which are more expensive and even fewer portions. Or woman you want in the end prefer others whose quality is worse than you. This is something quite strange and seems less fair. We could not find the right answer why is that?

4. Today managed to get SEO, tomorrow the ranking will down, and a month later no one can find it.

It is something real and still occurs today in the world of Google search engine. One day, perhaps you will be happy because you managed to find your website on the first page of Google search results. A few days later there was a downgrade, and a few months later you will not find at all your website on a search engine. SEO is very volatile, up and down, and unstable. I do not know, I do not understand what the Google algorithm, but clearly, SEO can not be relied upon to be the only hope you are in online business over the internet. The same keywords, will have different results over time. SEO will be developed following the development of the era. For example you type, “best hotel for backpackers in bangkok” now, and perhaps the result would be different in the years to come.

best hotel for backpackers in bangkok google search results

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