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You Only Have a Laptop, Internet Connection, and Have Fund No More Than $1,000?

Not much can be done within the limitation because the needs of daily life can not be hold even only for one day. We need to eat every day, have to pay rent house / apartment (for those who still do not have their own home), we need to pay electricity, water, internet, security, and many other urgent needs.

If we can survive in a limitedness, life will be easier. A simple logical, If we can survive and succeed in difficult situation of life, how our lives if it is experiencing abundance? Indeed, making money is not an easy thing, because there is intervention from God if we are talking about a fortune.

Every business absolutely need the money, if you have a large capital, of course, there are more options that you can choose to start a business. Conversely, if you have thin (slightly), only a few options that you can run. And we all know, large capital does not guarantee success, and conversely, small capital does not mean going to fail. Everything is still 50:50.

Instead, when we start a business, it would be wise to use a small capital in advance, especially for businesses that are new, so if we lose, we do not really lose all that we have. Then, if day by day it signs a positive result, we can add more capital to make our business more developed, and so on.

So, what can be done if we just have a laptop and the internet? The answer is very difficult, any business would require the capital, whether it is to buy a domain and hosting, hire content writers, purchase a template for website appearance, purchase supporting software, and many other. What is clear, the capital cost to start internet business is much less when compared to offline business (renting a physical store is very expensive because the price is very high). And one of the biggest advantages of doing business online via the internet is a small capital. Only through an Internet business that allows us all to start a business without spend hundreds or thousands of dollars at the beginning.
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Make Money from Internet is Harder Than Offline Business, Here is Why

Make money on the internet is quite difficult, although it seems there are a lot of ways, but one thing is clear, it all is a pretty big risk. Nowadays, there are many big players on the Internet that has been established. Almost all sectors inhabited by big players. If you think about the search engine, we will find Google, Yahoo, Bing, and most likely, we have no chance to beat them all. If you think about social media, you’ll find Facebook, Linkedin, and much more. If you are thinking about starting a web hosting business, you will find Hostgator, DreamHost, GoDaddy, Just Host, and many more.

So what can we do to be able to make money through the internet? I do not know the answer, but in fact, you’ll find the answer through Google. There you will find some suggestions, such as:
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How to Make Money by Selling Software


Making your very own software is a great challenge but your hard work can be rewarded with a large sum of money if you sell your software to the large number of people who are using their computers to surf online right now. In this article, we will discuss the different ways on how you can make money with software. But before you start selling your software, it is important to know what people like so that you can successfully make money with software.

Many software developers know the good and bad when creating software. The most important thing in the software that you are going to sell is its usability. If many people will use it, they will recommend your software to their friends and family which results in making you earn more money. If the software you are selling has little or no significant use, most people will not get interested, and you will end up having no referral sales. So, in order to make money with software, it has to be usable.
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