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Once Again, Today’s SEO is Competition With Giants

I don’t understand why SEO is now extraordinary difficult. Obviously, the main purpose of the creation of search engines is to provide the best experience (user experience) for the users of search engines. But, there seems to be something that is “monotonous” and “you again, he again, they again” from Google’s search results at this time. Of course, this is a good thing, because it means the quality of search results are well preserved, and the user / visitor is directed to the websites or pages that are most relevant and have a high level of trust (trusted).

Conversely, for the webmasters who want to get traffic through organic search (google search), will be very difficult and extraordinary exhausting. What does it mean? We have the possibility to fail if we have a goal to get free traffic from Google. SEO is now unpredictable, seem random, do not have a definite formula, and sometimes, Google determines their search results “as they please” for some keywords. So, this is an opportunity that actually can’t be used as the main foundation for running any business via the internet. If our site / blog can succeed now, who knows tomorrow or the next few months our site can never be found through search engines anymore.
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4 Reasons Why You Should Never Depend On SEO Anymore

1. SEO is almost dead? Why?

No one can successfully target and rank competitive keywords with only one or even ten articles. For example you create an article or more with the title:

* Best camera phones of 2015
* Best android smartphone for gaming
* Best smartphone for the money
* and so on

Best android smartphone for gaming (SEO results)

What did you find? All is big websites, and no new blog or website you’ll find there. Meaning? We should not talk about SEO anymore, because, if we talk about SEO, we should be able to target the keywords, and our website will appear on the first page of search results from Google, right? In fact, the reality does not like it, we can not target keywords and appear on the first page. So, the simple conclusion of this case is no SEO.
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Think Like this for Seo

We all know many people think to be able to get the best ranking for his/her website. All that is called Search engine optimization (SEO). But, I think there is one thing that is more important than thinking and doing SEO – try to place yourself as visitors and users of the website What do you expect when you type one or two or three keyword in the Google search box? Are you hoping to find and come to a website that contains a lot of ads? Or you want to get a website whose content is different to what you’re looking for?

I think Google Search Engine is the best at this time. You are looking for any information, will find the most relevant websites on the first page. It is a pleasant experience, in which we all will get the data and information that is most true and accurate about something. SEO is about relevance, SEO is about accuracy, SEO is about the up to date information, SEO is about truth and suitability. So, the search engine is a smart machine that is supposed to provide the most correct and relevant results from a keyword(s). And it would be an improvement from day to day, the search engine will be getting smarter, and will find perfection.
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