Everything you Need to know About Pro Evolution Soccer 2016: Release Date, New Features, Graphics, Gameplay, More Agile Player Movement, and More

Until now, there are only two of the most popular football game in the world, FIFA Soccer Games and Pro Evolution Soccer (known as Winning Eleven in the past). And on September 15, 2015, the latest series, PES 2016 will be released to the United States, and 2 days later on 17 September for the European region. While other regions will usually follow approximately 1-2 weeks after the release date for Europe.

PES 2016 Neymar

And PES 2016 will offer something a little different when compared to previous versions, and is likely to make the fans will be happy to play this game. Since Konami decided to use a new game engine called “Fox Engine,” (PES 2016 itself will still use the FOX Engine), which graphically is better than the old engine which is last used in PES 2013, many fans left this football game. The main reason is the agile movement which is the mainstay of PES over the years, changing with realistic movement that will make fans so stiff when playing it.

Meanwhile, FIFA has long become a competitor of PES, offers agility desired by PES fans. Konami objectives provide a more realistic movement is that fans can feel the sensation of the real game of football. Unfortunately, it actually makes PES fans to be “less happy”, they still want the game faster and more exciting, though less realistic.

PES 2016 tagline was “Love the past, Play the future”, would seem to offer a fast and exciting game, and has “the feel of Winning Eleven” in a stronger nuance, although still using a lot of the latest technology to bring more realistic graphics. As if to bring fans back to the glory days of PES in the past, Konami also re-use Queen’ song, We Will Rock You, which appeared first on Winning Eleven 2002.

PES 2016 neymar skills

I am very happy to play the old PES series, such as Pro Evolution Soccer 4, Pro Evolution Soccer 6, PES 2010 and PES 2013 because the gameplay is “very free,” the movement of the players were “not programmed”, we can score goals from different points of the field, and sometimes from unexpected things like long-range shot that hit the crossbar and then lead to a goal, goalkeeper own goal, horizontal kick from a narrow angle, and much more. For PES 2014 and 2015, the gameplay were a little more realistic, the graphics look sharper and more natural, but the process to score seems almost always the same, looks repetitive, and lacking in variety.

Graphics are also increasingly enhanced. PES 2016 player’s face looked more realistic and closer to reality, it looks on the face of Neymar as the brand ambassador of PES 2016. But face of other players in PES 2016 is equally realistic, including their celebrations style. For example Totti, as in real life, the player from Italy can doing selfie celebration. His cell phone was exactly the same as that used by him in real life, the iPhone 6.

PES 2016 long pass build up play

Okay, let’s look at some of the new features available in the PES 2016:

1. Dynamic Weather

When this feature is enabled, then the weather during the game can change dynamically, for example, sudden rain or some time after the rain then stopped, and a bright back. Rain also will directly influence the gameplay in the game. The movement of the players will be slowed down because it was blocked by a puddle of water that soaks the field. Likewise with the ball movement that will be more difficult to control. Dynamic Weather feature reflect real world events, where in rainy conditions rightfully dribble movement or pass will be more difficult to do. In this condition, certainly not an easy job to create goal, because gamers are required to be more patient in controlling the ball.

pes 2016 dynamic weather

2. You can choose your own celebration (Celebration Control)

After scoring a goal, you can press certain buttons to celebrate according to the available options.

PES 2016 celebrations

3. Smarter Teammate AI Movement

If in the previous PES series you are not satisfied with your teammate motion that controlled by AI, in PES 2016, Konami promises smarter AI movement. Other teammate players who are not you control would look for empty space for a more realistic gameplay.

pes 2016 smarter AI

4. More details and complex Master League

The most famous game mode of this series will come with a new color that makes you feel as though being a football manager. There is also detailed statistics and in-depth players profile. You can even see the nature of the players and the nickname given by fans to him related to his performance on the field.

PES 2016 new master league

5. Advanced Collision System

The effects of collisions between players would be more realistic and would be more exciting to play. Reaction and interaction of the players will produce outcomes that are unique and different. more clearly, if the players collide, it will show the effect of different collisions.

pes 2016 Advanced Collision System

6. Aerial Strength

With this feature, players will be able to look for a better position in the air duel for the ball. Players can also interfere with an opponent when the duel in the air to win a header.

pes 2016 Aerial Strength

7. Goalkeepers are getting smarter

Goalkeeper become more rare to make a blunder, an easy ball would be caught by the goalkeeper. Each keeper also will have different reactions to the same situation. Manuel Neuer may be able to block the tough ball from Cristiano Ronaldo free kick, but the different result maybe get if you use Lukasz Skorupski.

PES 2016 Goalkeeper ID

8. Perfect Defense

If you can make a tackle on time and the timing is right, you will be able to steal the ball from an opponent, which is ultimately your team will have a great opportunity to get a goal through a counter-attack scheme.

PES 2016 perfect defence

9. 1v1 Control

In PES 2016, the response of the players will increase, this increase will also allow your players to move more freely, even in times when pressed by some opposing players at once. These changes include some new styles Feint, where some of them can make the opponent lose balance when chasing you.

PES 2016 neymar vs boateng

10. 3x new animations

To make the movement of the players become more real, Konami apply new technologies: 3x new Animations, which will make you like watching a real football match. Including some new animations for the goalkeeper which is also added and refined again. In addition, there are some attitudes of the players who will often you see, such as the player who will protest when the referee did not give a foul, or a teammate who get angry when you do not give him a pass when his position is very advantageous.

pes 2016 amazing graphics

And many more: 2-3 player combination play, new commentary, dynamic wide camera angle.

Of course, these new features will add to the fun when playing PES 2016. Hopefully the game will be more realistic and more varied both in build attacks through short pass or long pass ball, the defense is not easily penetrated through the through pass or a one-two passing game, goalkeepers are smart enough, fair referee and not easily give yellow cards (or red) to the visitors (not the host), can score goal with long-range effort or unexpected things, and so on.

Unfortunately, still the same as the previous¬†series, PES 2016 is still not received an official license from FIFA. This resulted in a few club names made not like the original. For example, Arsenal written as West London in the game. This also applies to the names of the stadium. However, Konami has a full license for the Champions League. That is, the name of the club’s participants of the competition, along with stadium, in accordance with the reality in the real world. PES 2016 will be available for all platforms, including the PlayStation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

PES 2016 Trailer

PES 2016 Gameplay

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