Get Smart, Look Sharp with These Top 5 Smart Watches of 2014

The smartwatch phenomenon has ushered in a new age in hands-free data gathering where the marriage of style and technology has given rise to wearable cool technology. The smartwatch has made it absolutely super convenient for people to find out whatever it is that’s going on in their smartphones. The need to constantly hold onto a handheld device for information updates has been deemed unnecessary by simply glancing on a watch strapped on one’s wrist that in turn watches and reports 24/7 the important as well as other activities on a smartphone. Yes, smartwatch technology is the hottest trend that has leveled up a solid notch higher from the smartphones craze.

Although still in its fledgling years, an impressive number of these sleek and stylish wrist strapping smartphone friendly devices are gaining a slow and steady but certainly inevitable wide spread popularity. Just like CDs replacing vinyl records, from light bulbs to LEDs, snail mail to e-mail, landlines to satellite phones or the high five to the fist tap, time telling, in all its form and functionality, has gone further than what we imagined only to come back strapped snugly in our wrists.

Here is the list of the top 5 smart watches of 2014 that are now currently available in the market as gathered from the latest tech reviews all around every nook and cranny and sometimes even quirky places of the cyber world:

1. The Pebble Watch and Steel duo.

Being one of the first to take the risk in fueling smartwatch innovative technology, its aggressive entry level market penetration brought forth its commercial success nailing down $10 million from 68,000 presold smartwatches. It also gained a huge advantage over the rest as its early lead made it well-entrenched in the minds and work stations of app developers. Although it wasn’t that outstanding in the technical specs department, Pebble’s highly upgradable software features as well as charismatic crowd favorite status makes it into the number 1 slot of this list of the top 5 smart watches of 2014.

Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel Duo

2. Sony SmartWatch 2

The SmartWatch 2’s streamlined design features new cutting edge technology and iconic style. With a sleek sharp looking touch-screen interface, smart NFC pairing and more options to choose from in terms of comfort, style and sturdiness, the SmartWatch 2 is the number 2 cool in this list.

With an open Android apps platform to allow third-party developers to take a slice of its wide selection of existing free apps, the SmartWatch 2 gained a modest but solid following. Although there is a downside to its hassle-free NFC pairing and smartcool design. Compared to the other brands in this top 5 smart watches of 2014, Sony’s SmartWatch2 necessitates the need to download more extensions for its basic functions in order to run smoothly. But no matter, it is still after all carrying a well established and highly respected brand name

Sony SmartWatch 2

3. MetaWatch

Included among 2013’s somewhat desirable smartwatches, the MetaWatch repackaged itself a year later by following a “lifestyle” marketing strategy. From MetaWatch to simply Meta, the brand went on to minimize what they agreed as the already existing powerful modern features of a smartwatch by focusing more on its smart look with the goal of attracting a younger class of smartwatch audience. This revamp earned this watch a spot in the list of top 5 smart watches of 2014.

The strategy pushed on with Meta tying up with the design company of Frank Nuovo, who’s known for creating high-end luxury mobile phones for Vertu. With Nuovo playing a major role in the Meta brand restructuring, a more appealing, user-friendly, and back to basic smartwatch came into the fore enticing all kids that Meta is a must-have device if one would wish to look and feel cool.

Meta pointed out not just a more hassle-free connection tasking with one’s smartphone but also the power to merely glance at their Meta watch to gather vital information instead of going through the hassles of having to pull out their phone from God knows where it could have been misplaced. All in all, Meta seeks to be known as a first-rate product that is hell bent on a cool style-compared to the other lame looking designs of its competition.


4. The Cookoo

Cookoo’s deceiving soft looks that screams designer signature accessory instead of the intimidating power of a state-of-the-art smartwatch won its rightful 4th place in the top 5 smart watches of 2014. Cookoo has a flawless compatibility feature that fits both iOS (iPhones, iPads and iPod touch) and Android (HTC One, Samsung Galaxy, and Note 3) operating systems. Cookoo can also notify you for incoming calls and messages via a Bluetooth link. A camera can also be remotely operated, given that a special someone doesn’t mind holding it by the hand. Since we do all know that a tripod is not applicable here.

Aside from its water proof feature, the time and calendar notifications, low battery warning, and other alarms, makes Cookoo (whose name was derived from the actual cookoo cry it sends) a promising choice. It’s worth looking out for any new development of its features.


5. Omate TrueSmart

The Omate TrueSmart made an intimidating 2014 debut by unfolding a smartwatch that’s designed for a semi if not total independence from a smartphone. With a built-in SIM card, the Omate TrueSmart can immediately connect to your mobile phone provider instead of using a bluetooth which most other smartwatches are enslaved to do so.

Omate TrueSmart

With a bright and sharp full color LCD touchscreen, the TrueSmart acts like a smartphone itself that’s strapped on your wrist that allows you to make or receive calls. Running on a modified Android 4.2.2 mobile operating system version, it can also receive GPRS incoming data. In other words, text messaging, surfing and even e-mailing, is amazingly possible.

Last but not the least is its camera/ photo option. The lens is smartly built on the top most northern side, normally saved for a watch crown. You can safely say that it is definitely the smartwatch that is right on track in terms of innovativeness, application and design components.

Impressive in terms of compatibility, design, functions, and ease of use, the Omate TrueSmart is a smartwatch truly worth including in the list of top 5 smart watches of 2014.

Just when you thought that watches have become a thing of the past, now come smartwatch wearable devices – which a reliable marketing research firm from New York forecasted a staggering sale of 485 million by 2018.

Looks like the smartwatch phenomenon will be catching on after all as the telecom big boys release smartphone-linked accessories such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Google, Apple, and Microsoft smartwatcheses.

And since the cost of owning a pretty decent smartwatch that is in the top 5 smart watches of 2014 can reach up to $300 US, which is not cheap for someone who’s not too crazy about wearable timekeeping gizmos, having your own smartwatch is still possible. Rumor has it that an Arduino micro-processor can be used to make your own smartwatch. But that’s a totally different story.

Every individual has their own unique taste and style which deserves consideration and respect. The Top 5 smart watches of 2014 presented here does not promote the be all and end all of smartwatch reviews. Everyone is free to give their opinion on what’s cool and what’s not.

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