How to Make Money by Selling Software


Making your very own software is a great challenge but your hard work can be rewarded with a large sum of money if you sell your software to the large number of people who are using their computers to surf online right now. In this article, we will discuss the different ways on how you can make money with software. But before you start selling your software, it is important to know what people like so that you can successfully make money with software.

Many software developers know the good and bad when creating software. The most important thing in the software that you are going to sell is its usability. If many people will use it, they will recommend your software to their friends and family which results in making you earn more money. If the software you are selling has little or no significant use, most people will not get interested, and you will end up having no referral sales. So, in order to make money with software, it has to be usable.

Another thing to consider when selling software is the price. The number of potential customers who will buy your product may also depend on the price of your software.

If you really want to make money with software, here are some of the things that might help to increase the amount of sales.

Price transparency

Price Transparency

It is essential for your customers to know the actual price of your software. If your potential buyers are interested in purchasing your product but they don’t know how much it cost, they will probably just look for alternative software from other sellers. But if your software has unique features, it will have an edge over other products.



Many potential customers who are interested in purchasing your software will most likely want to try it immediately. If a potential buyer purchased your software, they probably want to use it right away. If you give them a trial version of the software, it should work instantly without having to wait for an unlock code. If your software has an unlock code, it should be emailed to your client as soon as possible. However, there is a chance that the client will not be able to get the code because your server may have a problem or it could be the spam filter on their email. So, selling your software is better if they can be used immediately by your customers.

Minimize the steps in ordering your software


Sometimes, there are customers who like to purchase another product from you again. But if you only have one product to sell, then it shouldn’t be necessary for them to register in your website before purchasing your software. In these cases, it’s better if you use a “Buy Now” button instead of adding an item into a shopping cart. When the customer clicks the buy now button, a form should show up with all the necessary spaces for credit card and customer information. Once the customer successfully purchases your software, now is the time to give them a link and let them choose if they want to register in order to get support, news, and updates.

Offer additional payment methods

Payment Method

Most online stores are accepting credit cards, but it is better if you offer additional payment methods for your customers such as PayPal and Amex. However, Amex charges a higher fee compared to other cards. Some customers prefer to use Amex because they are getting benefits from their rewards program. The important thing here is to know that having more payment options allows you to get higher sales.



The Best Ways to Make Money with Software

There are many ways to make money with software. Most developers use these methods because they are effective and the amount of time needed to monetize their software is reduced. Some of these techniques are suitable for desktops while others are designed for mobile apps.

1. Paid Products

Make paid apps

Most software can be purchased through online websites but it’s hard to get customers to buy an app. Some free apps have features that are similar to paid apps. But most paid apps have unique features that cannot be found in other software. High-quality software such as game sequels and anti-virus programs are suitable for this method of making money.

2. In-App Advertising

In-App Advertising

The most commonly used monetization model is called in-app advertising. This kind of advertising places the advertisements inside the application. When you open these apps, the advertisements can be usually seen below or on top of the screen.
The income you will earn from these ads depends on the number of people who will view them. The amount of income you will earn also depends on the type of advertisement and your target audience.

3. Freemium Model


The freemium model or sometimes called in-app purchase model is a popular form of monetization. This is a great way to make money with software because you allow many people to download the trial version of your software for free. When they like the app, they must pay to get the full version in order to gain access to additional features.

This method is commonly used in video games. For example, some types of games require players to unlock certain levels in order to continue playing the game. They may unlock these levels by purchasing it online with real money. The in-app purchase model also enables developers to make their apps popular by distributing it for free.

4. Pay per Install

Pay Per Install

Pay per install is another great way to make money with software because it allows you to integrate a smart installer inside the software which you can use to track the number of downloads and promote your products or advertisements. This model is typically used in desktop applications but it can also be used in mobile apps.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is used by some companies to design an app that has a specific purpose. These companies develop software programs around affiliate deals. Most of the software created for affiliate marketing is websites and travel apps. This can be a great way to earn money from a software program but it can also be challenging.

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