Make Money from Internet is Harder Than Offline Business, Here is Why

Make money on the internet is quite difficult, although it seems there are a lot of ways, but one thing is clear, it all is a pretty big risk. Nowadays, there are many big players on the Internet that has been established. Almost all sectors inhabited by big players. If you think about the search engine, we will find Google, Yahoo, Bing, and most likely, we have no chance to beat them all. If you think about social media, you’ll find Facebook, Linkedin, and much more. If you are thinking about starting a web hosting business, you will find Hostgator, DreamHost, GoDaddy, Just Host, and many more.

So what can we do to be able to make money through the internet? I do not know the answer, but in fact, you’ll find the answer through Google. There you will find some suggestions, such as:

* Affiliate marketing
* Google Adsense
* Selling product (both physical or digital)
* Sell services (your skills)
* And much more

Internet is filled with ease, you simply use your mouse and keyboard to perform almost all activities via the internet. Although it seems you can do everything, but in the end, you will find a point of saturation / limits. Maybe you’ll run out of ideas for starting a business on the internet because everything is there. The mindset of doing business over the internet is almost the same as a real business (offline). At least there are three things you need, check this out!

1. Product / service to sell
2. Traffic
3. Conversion

As simple as that! But the reality? Certainly not that easy, even arguably a little more difficult when compared to the real business (non-internet) such as opening a shop in a side street to sell goods of basic necessities such as food, clothing, groceries, car equipment, gadgets, bags, shoes, video games, watches, and much more.

If you rent a shop in a crowded place, certainly there will be many people who see your shop. Your next job just staying sell goods / services and give more value such as lower prices, friendly service, the choice of a more variety product, responsible after service, etc. Then people will come to your store themselves just to see (at first) and then will buy the goods / services that you offered. Your job is finished, you got the buyer (conversion).

Internet business is basically almost the same with it all, only the difference is: you need to build / look for traffic. If you trade in a mall (shopping center) or rent a shop near a busy street, visitors will come theirselves to your shop. Because of what? Everyone knows that a public street or shopping center is crowded place. Many people drive on the highway / road, many people come to the mall every day. All of that is called traffic. You do not need to build / or look for traffic again, because everything is already available via main road / mall. They are residents of a city, the greater and developed a city, it will be more and more qualified (have a high purchasing power).

Looking for traffic needs to be done for all internet business. This is an absolute must. You can sell whatever through your website, you only need to photograph the goods / products that you will sell, edit images, add a description of the product, adding a payment system through your website, and complete. Then you need to send the goods (products) to reach the buyer’s address. It is a process that is “apparently” simple enough.

Nowadays, there are lots of great websites on their own field, this course will help us as consumers. They will compete each other to provide the best service to the consumer. In the end, consumer will get more benefit, because they will compete fairly to deliver the best service to consumer. Consumer will get a lot of advantages, such as:

* Competitive price
* Satisfactory service
* on-time delivery (goods / products)
* And more variations of products selection

Not much we can do as an entrepreneur / seller of goods / products over the internet. If there are many great players there, so that we as consumers are benefited. But, if we come as a businessman / entrepreneur, of course we have to compete with the big players. We may not be able to win against Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, Target, Wallmart, Home Depot, and other major players. If we sell the same goods / products with them, the question is:

Why should buy from us? While they (the big and major players) already provides everything better and more comprehensive than us?

Moreover, search engines will prefer to direct visitors to shop on their website. What can we do as a beginner / starter to be able to get the consumer? It is an interesting question, but I can not answer because I do not know the exact answer. But, I will give some reasons and the possibilities that might happen on the internet.

1. People already know what they need to do on the internet.┬áIf you for example want to buy Fifty Shades of Grey book, then you only need to type in your web browser And then just type “fifty shades of grey book” in the search box provided on Or, if you are lazy to type on your web browser, you just need to type “buy fifty shades of grey book” through What did you find there? It is certain Amazon, itunes, barnesandnoble, and several other major websites.

2. Then, the next question is: how do prospective customers / visitors can find your website? Who would know and recognize your website on the internet?

3. After they (prospective customers / visitors) come to your website, whether they will have trust to buy something from your website since this is the first time they come to your website? Do they have some thought something like this?

– Is this scam or not?
– Whether the goods / products will be sent and get to my address?
– Will I be fooled?
– How warranties, etc. if the goods are damaged or not as expected,
– And much more skeptical questions

4. If they (prospective customers / visitors) come to your website and then find a product that is on your website, whether they then do not think:

Oh, it looks like I’ve seen this through ebay / amazon / target / Home Depot / and or other major websites. I will try to search and purchase through ebay, more safe and secure.

The conclusion is: selling products / goods via the Internet is very difficult, there are many processes both technical and non technical that must be passed. Very different from selling products through a real store. Visitors come and then purchase through your store, because they see themselves and immediately got the goods on the spot.

So, what to do in order to earn money through the internet? To answer, try to think like this:

To build a business on the Internet, about the same as building a media. We should have an own media on the Internet (whether it be a well-known blog, a famous website, videos on youtube that have many view, etc.) either niche or general. Then, we can sell / monetize our media in various ways. So the order is

1. Build media
2. Bring organic visitors (visitors who come by themselves to the website / blog through search engines, referring sites, or even direct traffic)
3. Monetize it.

Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Instagram, eBay, Amazon, Bing, are a few examples of media on the internet. They have millions of visitors every day in direct traffic. Try thinking for example you have a website like that, for example Linkedin. What will you do with Linkedin? There are dozens of options that you can think and do when you are managing a website such as Linkedin. The money will come by itself because there are millions of visitors every day in it. That is my thought. So, the main thing is to build the popular media on the internet (no matter what its form, the most important thing there are plenty of visitors who use and come to yours every day).

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