Once Again, Today’s SEO is Competition With Giants

I don’t understand why SEO is now extraordinary difficult. Obviously, the main purpose of the creation of search engines is to provide the best experience (user experience) for the users of search engines. But, there seems to be something that is “monotonous” and “you again, he again, they again” from Google’s search results at this time. Of course, this is a good thing, because it means the quality of search results are well preserved, and the user / visitor is directed to the websites or pages that are most relevant and have a high level of trust (trusted).

Conversely, for the webmasters who want to get traffic through organic search (google search), will be very difficult and extraordinary exhausting. What does it mean? We have the possibility to fail if we have a goal to get free traffic from Google. SEO is now unpredictable, seem random, do not have a definite formula, and sometimes, Google determines their search results “as they please” for some keywords. So, this is an opportunity that actually can’t be used as the main foundation for running any business via the internet. If our site / blog can succeed now, who knows tomorrow or the next few months our site can never be found through search engines anymore.

Sometimes, we just find all existing websites in search results (page one) is all authority. Almost no new website there we would find. Most likely Google filter some search results (some specific keywords) in order that appear there are all the big sites (authority). The goal is good, so readers (visitors) DO NOT GET THE WRONG INFORMATION about a subject / theme which is important. This is done by Google to provide correct and accountable information (right, true, and accurate).

If we look further, sometimes, some of the existing content on the authority / popular websites are not too good. But, still displayed very high by Google in their Search Engines Result Pages (SERP). It is a difficult situation for the new webmaster to exist through search engines. Although they (authority / popular sites) write any article (good or less good), they still will always get traffic because Google really likes them. Here, there seems to be a bit of “not fair” of the Google SERP, where they preferred domain / website that they trust (like), regardless of whether their content (authority / popular sites) are still good quality or not.

I often see some of the websites that “you again, you again” on Google search results. And for that, it is not a problem whatsoever, because I got what I was looking through their website. But, it would be better if Google also more often show different results, possibly with different nuance and impressions, not only large websites and authority website.

Until now, no one knows for sure 100% what is in the Google system (algorithms), perhaps only Google and God knows.

Some suggestions for who still want to get traffic through SEO:

1. This is a very difficult entrance / business model

If we could write a lot of high-quality content, does not guarantee our website will be able to get a good SERP in Google search engine.

There are hundreds of other factors need to be considered. The point is, it’s better just forget about SEO. If we love to write, write it as usual what we can on our website. Focus write as if there were thousands of people who are reading our website / blog. We do not need to think about anything when writing, forget about keywords, SEO friendly language style, bold, italic, underline, h1 h2 h3 seo, and other technical matters. SEO does not need it, SEO is when Google likes our website because our website has something special for others. The bottom line is, the more useful our website, SEO will come by itself.

2. SEO is very complicated and complex

There are many unwritten rules, which is such as to focus on one niche in order to get traffic, find new niche that is still not too much competition, the article should be long (2000+ words per article), should have backlinks from authority sites, and so on. What does it mean? No SEO. SEO is like a myth, if SEO is something that can be learned and done in accordance with specific formula, then all people of course will be able to rank their website according to their liking? The reality is otherwise, until today, NO ONE CAN ADJUST THE SEARCH RESULTS IN GOOGLE SERP.

Thus, it all, lessons about SEO is just as rules / suggestions / good advice for us to start everything right. And it certainly is not like mathematics formula. In mathematics 1 + 1 = 2, 10 – 2 = 8; SEO is not like that, it could be 1 + 1 = 10 or 2 + 2 = 40. Because sometimes I found random results (unpredictable, but precise and accurate). Google is very powerful at this time, they can see much more about a lot of things. They have all the data, they are a very clever search engine.

3. Backlink, is this still important?

The logic is simple, the more websites that provide links (both dofollow or nofollow) to our website / pages, it means that our website get a lot of voting. Meaning? More voting = more famous = a lot of people recommending our website = our website can be trusted = high results in SERP.

The reality? Not always like that, because if our site is getting too many backlinks in a short time (look unnatural in Google’s eyes), then what will happen is Google penalty. And this backlink problem actually is a complex issue. Why? If Google is still determining the ranking of a website based on the number and quality of backlinks, then what will happen is a lot of people would think to manipulate backlinks. And this will take place continuously, because backlinks can be searched, backlinks can be obtained in various ways that increasingly sophisticated. There are dozens or even hundreds of ways to get backlinks.

So, should, if we want to focus on seeking visitors through Google search engine, forget backlinks. Just write nice content on our website / blog. Too tired and weary if we have to also think about backlink. Simple mistakes, be subject to a penalty, but if appropriate, the results will be as expected.

4. Internet is full of content and website

Google may ever think like this, “enough, enough, no need to create a similar website / blog again, we’ve got millions of data for a variety of keywords, please, make other business models.”

Everyone can create a website, anyone can write the content, if all the posts should be displayed by Google, how many pages that should exist in the Google search results? It is clear, Google only wants the best 10 for their search results, and for that Google does not provide scroll down the page like Pinterest and so on. Each page, only 10 of the most relevant websites that they show (although sometimes there are results from Google news), and for the next, visitors have to click next button at the bottom. What does it mean? We compete directly with millions of others in SEO. Like thousands of people who register for American Idol or The X Factor show, then filtered, been selected, screened a second time, third time, fourth time, again and again, and so on, until only raised 10 best. Approximately SEO process is almost the same like that.

To get through to the next stage in the event of such reality show, a contestant must have the qualities, talents, skills, character, and maybe “something special” which is not owned by the other contestants. Google, too, they just wants a website that is well-established, trustworthy, never wrong, professional, and high value that will be displayed in their search results.

Conclusions: The goal of search engines is to provide convenience and most accurate and relevant information / data from what is sought by the user. We will never be able to beat the search engines, because it would just be a waste of time and energy, they 1000x smarter than us, they are a very big and rich company. The only way is to follow their rules, although often at the beginning feel heavy and tiring, but there is no other way that can be done again, it is the only way the safest thing to do.


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