Think Like this for Seo

We all know many people think to be able to get the best ranking for his/her website. All that is called Search engine optimization (SEO). But, I think there is one thing that is more important than thinking and doing SEO – try to place yourself as visitors and users of the website What do you expect when you type one or two or three keyword in the Google search box? Are you hoping to find and come to a website that contains a lot of ads? Or you want to get a website whose content is different to what you’re looking for?

I think Google Search Engine is the best at this time. You are looking for any information, will find the most relevant websites on the first page. It is a pleasant experience, in which we all will get the data and information that is most true and accurate about something. SEO is about relevance, SEO is about accuracy, SEO is about the up to date information, SEO is about truth and suitability. So, the search engine is a smart machine that is supposed to provide the most correct and relevant results from a keyword(s). And it would be an improvement from day to day, the search engine will be getting smarter, and will find perfection.

And sometimes, what is most relevant in the search results is a useful tool or system. Try to type “keyword” in the Google search engine, and what you found? Most are tools or systems that are useful to you – at least can give you a solution in selecting and determining the best keywords – keyword research tools to find out if the keywords you want to rank will get a good market share or not, and so on. So, the point is, the search engines want to provide the best to you, whether you want to read an article or find a tool or solution of existing problems to you. Search Engine is about the solution, it would be the best solution for you, it will be getting smarter with new algorithms, to perfection. Each different keywords will get different results, even it can predict what you “really” need.

For example, try typing “word count” on Google, what you find there? Did you find a website that contains a long article that describes what the word count tool, and so on? Of course not, the Google search engine is very clever, rather than it directs you to an article or a website that is less relevant, it directs you to a website that has a system or tool for counting the number of words. This is called about how search engines can predict a little “exactly what you need most.”

word count tool

So, if there is a suggestion in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as a SEO player, we have to think even longer. We have to ask some questions to ourselves first so that our hard work is not in vain:

* What is our goal to create a new website?
* What will the visitors / users get by visiting our website?
* If there are other websites that are better than us, why we should make it too?
* Does your website have the advantages of the other (in the same niche)?
* And the last question is “Why us?”

In fact, without our even thinking about SEO, we might be able to be more successful, our goal to create a new website or a new system is to give the best to the consumer / user. As long as we think and create something to always provide solutions to others, and do not think for profit front, then it could be more successful. What are your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google,, warriorforum, blackhatworld, and so on? Yes, they are popular sites on the Internet, they can be great and successful because it provides solutions and benefits to many people around the world. They do not think about profit at first, they just think the quality and “what can be given” to the crowd. And now, after their success, the money will come to follow.

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