What is Scream Queens and Why Should We Watch it This Fall?

Scream Queens

Horror fans are in for a treat this autumn, because a lot of horror themed shows are set to release in the next few months, all of which are very fun and interesting to check out. However, there is one that manages to stand out of the crowd and that is definitely Scream Queens!

What is Scream Queens?

This is a new TV series released by Fox that tries to combine both horror and humor in what can be seen as one of the most interesting and exciting trends in the TV world. This particular series comes with a very interesting premise, as it focuses on a 1995 sorority pledge that has gone wrong and, years later, we see that there’s a person who actually wants to kill a few of the graduates 20 years later.

The story takes some interesting twists and turns, but the most interesting one comes from the fact that this new killer, whomever it might be, is dressed as a high school mascot named The Red Devil, and he is a reminiscence of the high school period from 20 years ago.

Scream Queens manages to bring in a sense of humor into all of this because it manages to show how life actually changed people, yet despite that we can clearly see that many still remain in the past, and that’s definitely something exciting to check out in this interesting movie.


scream queens horror

I have to say that Scream Queens is a very distinct horror series for TV because it doesn’t hold any bars, instead it manages to deliver fully fledged, action packed horror thanks to its intense and dramatic action.

This is one of those series that doesn’t really hold your hand, instead it goes right away into the action packed scenes and this definitely manages to make the experience even more interesting and exciting for sure. It’s a highly refined horror that showcases the human experiences and the life as a whole, but at the same time it does include quite a lot of scenes that pertain to gruesomeness.

I found Scream Queens to be very appealing mainly because the things that happen here can really be seen in real life. It’s very interesting how the whole thing turns out to be a revenge, yet the story is filled with twists and turns, drama, despair and a ton of blood.

After seeing a little from Scream Queens I have to say that this has the potential to be the new Dexter of the TV world, as it does manage to bring in a ton of drama but at the same time it shows the viciousness and appeal that comes from being bad.

There are numerous plot lines that are developed right from the pilot, and Scream Queens definitely manages to take full advantage of that.

But still, there are many situations, including the one that you can see in the teaser trailer for the series, where things can get disturbing quite fast, and that’s what Scream Queens is to me, a great blend between life, sanity and the things that appear in between!

What can we expect from this show?

Things are quite straightforward in this series, because you do need to expect a ton of blood, but at the same time people interested in deep story lines and disturbing plots might find this worthwhile. Aside from that, the former fans of Dexter might find in this series a new home, considering that the plot is somewhat similar.

Why is this interesting?

Scream Queens is so much more than a simple rehash of horror, instead it’s a nicely packed show filled with a ton of cool stuff, it’s very refined but at the same time it manages to scare you quite a lot. It’s the combination of horror, suspense and fun, sometimes even comedy that makes Scream Queens a show well worth of your time and attention.

What is the release date?

Scream Queens release date confirmed

Scream Queens is set to air its first episode on FOX on the 22nd of September 2015 and, like most shows, it has a running time of 42 minutes. There is no 2-episode pilot like we can see in the case of other series, but instead it’s a single pilot that is set to explain the premise and introduce us to the main characters.

Who should watch this?

Fans of Dexter and other horror themed shows should have a lot of fun watching this, but at the same time people interested in human psychology should try this one out as well. It’s also a good series for those that like thrillers and drama, because there’s a lot of that added here, so you might want to check this out for such a thing alone!

Cast and characters

scream queens series

Scream Queens does have quite an interesting cast I have to say. Out of the whole cast stands out Emma Roberts which is a horror goddess so to speak, with numerous such movies in her portfolio, but at the same time there are other nice characters here as well. You get Jamie Lee Curtis who has a ton of experience with dramas and thrillers, as well as Skyler Samuels, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer and Ariana Grande.

Other noteworthy names here include Glenn Powel, as well as Nick Jonas, Oliver Hudson and Nasim Pedrad. It’s nice to see that they managed to add such an interesting and diverse cast into the mix, as this is what brings in a lot of fun and appeal for the characters as a whole, and I have to say that I love the way they implemented everything as a whole.

As you can see, Scream Queens is set to become one of the best series in the horror and thriller sector, but in order to do that it has to deliver a great story and memorable characters.

We are now a few months away from the release of the pilot, so once the summer ends you can prepare yourself for one of the most interesting, demanding and very fun horror experiences that you ever had. Satisfaction and scares are on the house for this!

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