You Only Have a Laptop, Internet Connection, and Have Fund No More Than $1,000?

Not much can be done within the limitation because the needs of daily life can not be hold even only for one day. We need to eat every day, have to pay rent house / apartment (for those who still do not have their own home), we need to pay electricity, water, internet, security, and many other urgent needs.

If we can survive in a limitedness, life will be easier. A simple logical, If we can survive and succeed in difficult situation of life, how our lives if it is experiencing abundance? Indeed, making money is not an easy thing, because there is intervention from God if we are talking about a fortune.

Every business absolutely need the money, if you have a large capital, of course, there are more options that you can choose to start a business. Conversely, if you have thin (slightly), only a few options that you can run. And we all know, large capital does not guarantee success, and conversely, small capital does not mean going to fail. Everything is still 50:50.

Instead, when we start a business, it would be wise to use a small capital in advance, especially for businesses that are new, so if we lose, we do not really lose all that we have. Then, if day by day it signs a positive result, we can add more capital to make our business more developed, and so on.

So, what can be done if we just have a laptop and the internet? The answer is very difficult, any business would require the capital, whether it is to buy a domain and hosting, hire content writers, purchase a template for website appearance, purchase supporting software, and many other. What is clear, the capital cost to start internet business is much less when compared to offline business (renting a physical store is very expensive because the price is very high). And one of the biggest advantages of doing business online via the internet is a small capital. Only through an Internet business that allows us all to start a business without spend hundreds or thousands of dollars at the beginning.

Okay, through this simple article, let’s talk about online business opportunities that we can do from home, with little capital, but it has great potential earning.

1. Being a publisher advertising to earn money from a blog

If you are thinking of making money through Google Adsense or other advertising publisher, then one of the best ways is to create a blog. Many teachers on the net said make a blog on the Internet in accordance with what you love, such as your hobbies, for example. Because, if you start a blog in accordance with what you love, you are more able to survive in difficult situations, and usually also get a lot of new ideas that may not be owned by others.

The way it works is quite simple:

You create a blog > then create high quality content > ad code > visitors click on your ad > you will get a commission.

This is actually a fairly simple business, you simply create a blog focused on high-quality content. Then, visitors will come to your blog, the more visitors come, then usually your Adsense earnings will also be more and more.

This simple business of course only need a laptop and an internet connection, then a few dollars to buy a domain and hosting. And furthermore, the largest capital is your thought, because you have to write a lot of high-quality articles you can write.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The key to success in the affiliate marketing is only two, traffic and conversions.

Affiliate marketing means that we promote other people’s products and when there are customers who bought on our recommendation (via our link), then we will get a few percent commission.

how affiliate marketing work

Many people prefer affiliate marketing because of the commissions earned (usually) higher compared to the ads publisher with the same number of visitors. Although, in reality not always like that, niche and traffic more influential in the world of affiliate marketing. There are times when a publisher can earn more ad revenue compared with affiliate marketing. Because of what? Affiliate marketing means you have to sell something and then get a percentage of commission. Whereas, the publisher ads (Adsense for example), you instantly get paid if visitors to your blog / website “just” clicked your ad, of course, is easier than selling something (affiliate marketing).



affiliate marketing diagram (2)

3. Create and sell digital products (ebook or a commercial video or audio)

If you have a skill in a particular field, or have knowledge in a topic, you can sell it in the form of ebook, video, or audio.

Suppose you are very skilled archer, then you could write an ebook on that topic, then you subtopics and subcategories, such as how to aim a target with a bow and arrow for beginners, how to hold the arrow correctly, the types of arrows and bows, where to buy arrows, and other things.

Or for example make a video on how to play guitar from a – z for beginners, and then you sell it.

Remember, your writing or video should explain in detail, if possible better quality than the free contents / videos that already available on the internet.

Then, where you can sell those products information that you already created?

* Blog / or your own website.

4. You can earn money by opening an online course

Almost the same as making and selling the digital product information.

By making online course, you can be more relaxed, because you do not need to repeat every session, because it is generally in the form of a recording. Since this is the online course, you can arrange so the guides is divided into several sessions that you can give in different days. But there are also online courses that the material is directly administered concomitantly.

In addition to video training session, quality online courses typically provide live chat session for questions and answers with the customers.

There are several platforms that you can use to start and sell online courses:

* WordPress + Zippy Courses plugin

5. Create and sell wordpress theme or plugin

There are more than 74,652,825 wordpress based sites that continues to grow each day. And there are more than 29,000 wordpress plugin that continues to grow each day.

Although the majority of wordpress themes and plugins available for free, but not everyone is satisfied with the free. They want something more, maybe some premium features that can not be obtained if only using free wordpress theme or wordpress plugin.

Want to know how much potential income that we can get by selling high-quality wordpress theme?

Wordpress theme revenue

What does it mean? If in a week there are about 1600 wordpress theme are sold, where its price is a $58 per theme, then in a week could earn up to $97.266. Means in a month = $97.266 x 4 = $89.064. It is for the top selling, but for which the average is also high, just count the average of 100 sales per week x $58 = $5.800 per week. And in a month means about $23.200.

Two of the most popular places on the internet to sell WordPress theme and plugin is and, although you can still find many more through Google.

The statistics show that this is a good business, where there are opportunities and strong market share.

6. Being a copywriter

What is the copywriter? Copywriter is writing to influence others to do things according to what we want through writing.

Supposing, copywriter such as salesmen, but in writing method.

How Much Does a Copywriter Actually Make?

How Much Does a Copywriter Actually Make

Interested in becoming a copywriter? is a website you can visit to learn about Copywriting.

7. Write a book to be sold through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing

Almost the same as making your own ebook, for this, you can write your ebook and formally publish through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Topic that you can write available in any category, fiction and non-fiction. For your information, a simple book usually has a length of 5000 words and sells for $2.99. For each sale, we will get a royalty of 35% or $1.05 from the earlier price.

Some advantages if you write a book through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing are:

* Get to market fast. Publishing takes less than 5 minutes and your book appears on Kindle stores worldwide within 24-48 hours.

* Make more money. Earn up to 70% royalty on sales to customers in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and more. Enroll in KDP Select and earn more money through Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

* Keep control. Keep control of your rights and set your own list prices. Make changes to your books at any time.

One example of a successful man of this method is Spencer Haws of who can earn income by approximately $1.315 in a month.

8. Make your own software or apps (for desktop / mobile)

If you have programming skills, you can make your own software or application and then sell it as a product or service. This business model is currently a trend, more popularly known as SaaS (Software as a Service).

SaaS is a web based software in general, where users pay a subscription.

One example is, a chat / communication service with teamwork.

Slack daily active user growth

Slack is a startup with most rapid development at this time, the valuation in 2015 reached $2.76 billion since officially launched in 2014.

Slack amazing growth

And when talking about mobile apps, this is something that is becoming a trend nowadays, even exceeding the popularity of desktop applications. Of course you can also create a SaaS-based mobile application.

Or .. You can also create the game.

And if you do not have programming skills, can also make a game or a small mobile applications without the need for complex coding. The trick is to buy a template / source code of an application. Which we replace only the text and design. This process is called reskinning.

If you are interested in making games (like Flappy Bird or otherwise) or also create mobile applications with reskinning techniques, is a marketplace for buying and selling source code. Through the website you can find thousands of applications ready to edit and ready to publish with an average price of $100 – $200.

Or if you want a cheaper (but more limited choice) you can see and buy through

Once you create a mobile game or application, then you can monetize it with AdMob to earn income.

Want to know how much that could be generated through AdMob?

admob revenue discussion

Or more details can visit the following link

9. Upload the video to YouTube

If you have lots of ideas, you can implement it through video, then upload to YouTube.

Some types of popular videos on YouTube which is made usually in the form of funny video (animal, something funny or bug in a game, things are not unexpected, etc.), video recording tutorials, recording tutorial on a computer screen, recording a football match (highlights), trending video because there is a particular event (e.g. natural disasters, plane crashes, sports news, celebrity news, etc.).

One of the main problems of people who are trying to earn money from YouTube is copyrighted. So you should not upload videos that can be problematic (for example, the works of others, show’s clip from television, music, and so on).

How much earnings can be obtained through YouTube? You do not make money based on the amount of views you have. You make money based on people’s engagement with the ad. To get details you can visit this link:

There are 2 types of ads on YouTube:
* Earn a commission for each click (for owner of video)
* Earn a commission every impression (for the owner of the video)

From this ad, YouTube take 45% and the rest is given to the owner of the video.

10. Subscription Boxes! Oh no, selling a product with a subscription system


This business model is so popular, here are some examples: (beauty products for women and men) (Wine) (unique product for gamers) (candy) (healthy snacks) (razors)

From these few examples, you may have an idea to do a business model like that. The point is, this business model, each month will send you a different product in these categories automatically. Of course you have to subscribe to it, the cost of subscription is also inexpensive, ranging from $10 to $50 per month. So, you do not have to bother anymore to go far for shopping just for those needs.

To start a business like this is quite easy, because we only need to collect a variety of products to be sold simultaneously with the subscription system. What needed is to find another niche that may be more demand, of course, everyone will have an idea that is different, but the business concept remains the same, subscription box.

Finally, those 10 online businesses above are some examples of simple business with huge income potential. You can start as soon as possible, because all of them do not require large capital like in the real (offline) business. Of course you can start them only with a laptop and an internet connection, as well as the financial capital of not more than $1,000. Good luck!

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